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In the advertising industry, they're called killer poets. They are the creatives who can convince the public and sell like crazy.

It's no different in the art world, where entrepreneurs can prosper as working artists by selling their talent in the right places to the right audience.

If you want to train in the art field, sell your music or photography, or find places to work - you first need to be hooked into the network. Despite the fierce competition among them, artists are usually generous about sharing the secrets of how to make money as an artist.

Like any business, this usually means knowing what people want, producing quality goods, and not being shy about your asking price. When you're first starting out, it also helps to find an experienced mentor to discover the secrets to their success.

Just up ahead, check out some of the top sites that will take you to helpful resources for painters, crafters, photographers, and other commercial artists who make art their life, and their business.

There are lessons and advice on how to improve your technique, where to meet other artists, set up an online portfolio, enter shows and contests, or just browse around to see what the current trends are and who's who in the world of making real money from their artistry.

There are people making money from their art right this minute.

No reason it can't be you.

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More about the business of art around the Web:

The Business of Art Information - A collection of articles on jobs & careers, money, legal, marketing, exhibiting, housing and studio issues, plus interviews with visual and performing artists. From the New York Foundation for the Arts.

How Artists Make Money - Check out an entire series of NPR programs that highlight specific artists, poets, musicians and more - with first-person ideas and creative ways for succeeding in business. - Find tips on how to price your work, how to get grants and funding, find the right gallery, get legal help, organize your studio time, join the most helpful online social networks, and lots more. - Find photographers, designers, illustrators, animators and other graphic related businesses, or get yourself listed for a one-time fee.

Muscians Contact - Links - Here's a helpful database of free industry resources, including record labels, studio space, education, associations, conferences and more. Fee-based employment search.

Writing Guidelines- Extensive, searchable database to writing markets, featuring separate links to their respective publication submission guidelines. From


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