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business writingA major concern in many organizations worldwide is that employees - no matter how well-educated - cannot write a clear business memo or letter.

Your ability to write effectively in a business setting can boost your career and your approval ratings. Effective business writing means using the right words, keeping it simple, checking for spelling and grammatical errors, and getting your message across.

For other forms of business communication including business manuals or company policies & procedures, for example, your content must also usually pass muster with the legal and human resources departments before it's published.

Meanwhile, if you are writing for your company Intranet site you may also want to learn how to write for the Web.

Just up ahead, find more resources, tools, tips and advice on the skills you need to develop to communicate more effectively in memos, business letters and proposals, resumes and cover letters ...

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More about business writing around the Web:

Purdue OWL - Professional, Technical Writing
- Purdue University offers an extensive guide to information on letter formatting, setting the tone, and more on business memo writing, with related resources.

Writing for Results - Thanks to Rob for suggesting this one..."This is a site that is unique on the Web. It provides 312 pages of guidance and over 260 templates for those who prepare briefing notes and briefing books for cabinet ministers and senior executives." The tips and templates also also lend themselves to more mundane business writing.

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