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office romanceWhat can be more heartwarming than a couple at work who find true love?

Stories abound about how couples have found fulfilling, life-long relationships which began at the office.

However, there is a darker side to office dating we see everyday, including when a boss dates his secretary. Or the happy couple are already other spouses. Worse yet is when the romance cools, and the pair now have to continue to work together.

Awkward? You bet, and the situation can test the work concentration of even the best-run offices.

So with all the ups and downs, and pros and cons of dating coworkers, who's right? It all depends -- on the couple, their relationship, and how it impacts the life of the office.

If it's a two-week fling with low impact on the office gossip mill, it's best to just enjoy it and let it go. If it gets more serious, maybe it's time to tell your bosses - before they hear it from someone else.

Gather 'round the virtual water cooler and hear how some HR professionals, management pundits and recent polls reflect popular feeling on the hot subject of office dating...


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