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tieWhat to wear to the office? Today, it can be anything from jeans and sneakers to the traditional office suit.

It all depends on how your boss or manager interprets an existing dress code policy. And remember that companies can, and often do, veer back to the traditional look if the dress code gets "too relaxed."

On other other hand, if you're a natural clothes horse, remember that office politics dictates that you know the difference between upstaging your boss (heaven forbid) in the fashion department and being the best dressed person in the office.

If you're wondering how to dress for success, check out a good, basic collection of hints and advice on what to wear at the office, including discussions on piercings & body art, maternity clothes, looking your best at that job interview or what to wear to the company party....

More about what to wear to work around the Web:

Dressing for Interview Success - A good list of dos and don'ts from with a general list for men and women, and a special advisory on shoes...

How to Dress for the Office - guide to looking like a professional on a budget with tips on color, patterns, accessorizing, and spring, summer and fall looks.

What Not to Wear to Work - Read this report from the on what employers find most objectionable including (surprised?) flip-flops, shorts, miniskirts, backless or strapless dresses, and more...

Dress Code - While you're navigating the sea of changes taking place at the office, try looking around at what everybody is wearing, plus more at Clothes That Say "Pay Me More".

What Should I Wear, Where? - Great advice for the professional office traveler, with an array of good 'been there' suggestions pertaining to dozens of destinations around the world.

Dressing for work when you're pregnant - Hints on how to maintain that professional look at the office when you're bursting at the seams.

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