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You may be able to cope with bad bosses or annoying coworkers, but swimming with sharks is a whole different matter.

If you're unlucky enough to find yourself in a workplace inhabited by office bullies and sexual predators, or become the victim of discrimination or even slander - it might be time to take action.

Remember, however, that a one-time incident (unless it's outrageously harassing) will not elicit much sympathy under the law. Consistent harassment will.

So, documented occurrences of ongoing harassment are key to winning your day in court. Also note that In many cases simply confronting the person to let them know that you are keeping a tally, or are about to report them, may be the solution to ending it. If not, filing a legal suit may be your only option.

If you think you have a case for striking back, check out top resources around the Web for facts and information, legal advice and tips for dealing with the threat of emotional, physical or sexual harassment on the job...

More about harassment on the job around the Web:

Workplace Doctors - Read questions and answers from real-life work situations throwing light on cases from borderline-to-outright sexual or physical harassment to office cat fights, false accusations, and slander.

Youth at Work: Harassment - Here's a good guide for the newly employed with facts and advice on racial discrimination, gender or sex harassment issues, including an informative FAQ and tips on filing complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Bullying and harassment at work: guidance for employees - UK based employment relations organization offers a helpful fact sheet on worker's rights, examples of workplace harassment and unfair dismissals, with suggested reading and related resources.

also see in the Home Legal Guide -> Disability

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