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computer workstation correct posture
Stay safe and comfortable by having the computer monitor
at eye level; your lower back supported; and feet flat on the floor.

OH MY ACHING.... [fill in the blank].

It might be your back, neck, fingers, wrists, eyes, shoulders, chest, a tingling and painful pinched nerve

Or, it may just be a nagging feeling that you're spending way too much time at work and away from home and family.

If getting the job done at the office is hampered by health concerns, habits can be developed to enhance your physical and emotional well being, including desk exercises to keep you limber.

Find out more about occupational health and safety at related sites on the Web - with the spotlight on carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress movement, and other issues that may be making you sick of the office job you're in...

More about staying healthy on the job around the Web:

MedlinePlus: Occupational Health - Comprehensive resource for information on back pain, eye safety, occupational asthma, "sick building" syndrome and other health effects on the job for shift workers, office or factory workers.

Does Your Office Have "Sick Building" Syndrome? - Overview and brief history of the indoor environmental quality issue, typical symptoms, causes and effects, investigation procedures and where to seek help.

Office Ergonomics Training - Challenging the "sit up straight" tradition in several online chapters touching on correct chair height, alternative keyboards, arm and hand movement, eye strain, a risk factor checklist, and related resources.

HealthyComputing - Online tour to avoiding neck, wrist and eye strain, carpel tunnel syndrome treatments, ergonomics for kids, mouse and keyboard buying guides, and additional health advice for PDA, laptop and cell phone users.

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