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Once a manufacturing powerhouses, the US and many other industrialized countries have suffered drastic fallout from international trade policies enacted in the last several decades. Navigating the global economy is now a necessity for most manufacturers no matter how large or small the company might be.

The upside? Companies and consumers now have a wide range of manufactured goods to choose from and often at far lower prices on arrival... even considering the shipping and customs costs.

The downside? Choosing primary sources of manufactured goods is taking on a new urgency as worldwide free trade threatens a 'Wild West' shakeout of rewritten rules for quality control and health safeguards.

Global sources

Meanwhile, going global means an increasingly delicate balance between price and quality — as top level buyers and purchasing managers choose among manufacturers, distributors or exporters located anywhere from North and South America and Eastern Europe to the Pacific Rim... from Zurich to Hong Kong... or anywhere in between.

The export and import options can be staggering, but sourcing good quality materials at the best prices has never been more important.

Those who know how to shop for parts and products in the global marketplace have an edge over their competitors that can mean the difference between red or black ink on the bottom line. A business owner who knows how to reach customers in all parts of the globe literally unlocks a whole new world of potential sales and profits.

Matching buyers and sellers

The Internet provides solutions to finding industry and manufacturing resources with specialized online business directories and portals that provide a one stop shopping experience no matter how hard it might be to match your specs.

Manufacturers, distributors and service providers looking for business owners who can use the parts or products they make can find buyers, both local and international, with online exposure.

Today, business owners who are looking for machinery, parts or merchandise can often locate even the most difficult to find items without leaving their laptops.

The Internet can be helpful in other areas besides finding raw materials or parts. Software that helps to manage employees, supply chains, inventory and forecasting future production needs is vital to efficiently running a profitable manufacturing business.

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Following the best and the latest industry trends, networking with other manufacturing professionals or finding out who makes what becomes easier with the help of a handful of targeted web sites.

Start the search right here with the online sweep of world industry with these comprehensive guides to American and international companies and products, along with related information, surveys and statistics, and with one particularly breathtaking view of the future of manufacturing ...

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