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management styleSince business management is classified as both an art and a science, management styles can be as varied as the people who assume the responsibility for any type of workforce.

While some management styles work better than others, the bottom line is tailoring the leader's style to the personality of the people and workplace. That is key to keeping a motivated and productive staff.

Many managers model their skills on people they admired as they progressed through the ranks. Managers who were trained to be autocratic in their management style often create a very different environment than leaders who prefer to empower their employees with shared responsibility.

Like any skill set, management styles can be changed, tweaked and improved with each situation. Even the best managers will acknowledge that they have room to grow in order to get the most out of the teams they lead.

Check out top resources around the Net for learning more about what makes a great office manager, how to's on the best ways to motivate your staff, plus creative tips and advice on hiring, decision making and delegating...

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