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Meetings are the answer, but what is the question?

Stifling, non-productive meetings, company retreats and offsite meetings are on the top of any list of Things Most People Hate about the modern workplace.

How to hold a successful meeting? Experts suggest that it begin with creating a solid agenda, sticking to important discussion points and, if necessary, appointing a mediator to act as a referee should the atmosphere become thick with unnecessary hot air.

Sounds easy, but it's amazing how fast a business meeting can spin out of control when its agenda is hijacked by the run-on sentence.

Just up ahead, check out top Web sites for tips on how to avoid the common pitfalls of office meetings, teleconferences or videoconferences, and otherwise engage your staff in less and less time-wasting, and more lively and productive decision making...

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- A guide to preparation, effective meeting management and tips on keeping minutes, plus scroll down to the bottom of the page for a host of related resources.

How to run a brainstorming meeting - 'Good' brainstorming and 'bad' brainstorming compared, along with an extensive guide to creating an environment conducive to knocking around ideas, then putting them into action, with suggested reading and related links.

Big Dog's Leadership Page - Meetings - The business leadership site offering tips and tricks to holding more productive meetings with more on brainstorming.


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