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mining truck
A worker (center, left) is dwarfed
beside a mining truck, made by
Komatsu America Corp.

Holding the same fascination for prehistoric man who first discovered rich deposits of copper and iron for making tools and weapons, today the multi-trillion dollar mining industry shows no signs of ever slowing down.

Globally, demand is ever-increasing for gems used in both fashion jewelry and for industrial purposes; as well as copper for wiring and plumbing; iron and steel for building materials; boron for cleaning compounds; lithium for batteries; and the list of how minerals are used in daily life goes on.

Today, the Mideast not only watches over caches of crude oil, but also stores of the world's major minerals including a recently-discovered mother lode of gold, copper, silver, and lithium (in Afghanistan.)

In the US, coal is still king in famous locales such as West Virginia and Wyoming, and a modern US gold rush still continues in in America's western expanses — making the US the world's No. 4 gold producer behind Australia, South Africa, and China.

South Africa, diamond mining also arouses as much interest from investors as it does from human rights organizations over reported forays into greed and corruption.

Meanwhile, there are more steep prices to pay for uncovering natural riches.

Safety has been a controversial issue in the mining business for centuries, and while mining today is far safer than it was in the past, mining accidents are heart-wrenching for families of miners, and often elicit well-earn attention from the global media.

Companies must also grapple (some more successfully than others) with mining environmental concerns such as mountaintop removal and strip mining that may result in endangering the local habitat and poisoning local water supplies.

Around the Web, learn more about the complex issues facing the modern mining industry with a deep dig into feature industry-focused articles, along with lists of online companies, job openings, suppliers, equipment and services, educational resources and even a bit of mining history...

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