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Off-site meeting in the great outdoors
Team building ideas

Keep it close: restaurants, hotels, museums and even local colleges rent out space for meetings.

Keep it affordable: Hire local, or recruit talented team members to lead activities.

Keep it simple: Even a long lunch away from the office can get team members thinking in new ways.

Oh, geez. Not that rope thing. Again.

Climbing trees? Role playing games? Oh ...and those endless PowerPoint presentations from upper management.

We've all been there, but company retreats and off-site meetings don't have to feature the same, old tired formula every time.

Somehow there's got to be a better way to get employees to work as a team and build company spirit and comaraderie.

In fact, off-sites can be anything from weekly mini-breaks to full-blown industry conventions. Either way, they can be great opportunities for networking with the department down the hall, or for learning more about a particular field or industry.

Take a tip from experts in the field about how to arrange a more relaxed and enjoyable company retreat with timely advice on activities that make an off-site meeting or team building exercise worth all the planning ...

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More about office retreats & team building around the Web: - Take a Hike
- Here's a guide to the cheap and affordable mini-offsite, with an idea for holding your next meeting anywhere but in the office.

Teampedia Tools for Teams - Tired of the same old team building games and exercises at every off site or retreat? This user-edited resource has tons of resources for you to use to add some variety to the fun.

Can This Off-Site Be Saved? - A great read from Fast Company, with valuable reports from the front lines plus additional advice listing The Four Deadly Sins of Off-Sites.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Retreats and How to Avoid Them - Biting off more than you can chew, no clear direction, boredom, and four more...

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