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office exerciseWhile some major corporations offer gym facilities, you're more likely to find yourself among millions of other office workers, toiling away in Cubicle Land without a break.

If so, create your own health regime at your desk with exercise programs specifically tailored to the office gulag dweller. Health experts also agree that cutting calories and sweet sugary snacks also helps the desk-bound.

One very easy tip for burning calories at work involves putting things out of reach. Just getting up from your chair to reach for an envelope or paper on a higher shelf a few times a day - instead of just pulling open a drawer - helps you work out arms, legs and abs.

Lower back pain and neck pain from sitting in the same position gets reduced by desk exercises, and you'll get a break from repetitive motions that may save you from RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Exercising at the desk may seem silly to some, but your 15 minute break can be a workout as good as you'd get at any gym. Office aerobics may be simple to do, but they provide a solid whole body workout. You'll also have the benefit that no one will guess that you're actually getting toned while working.

Remember to check with your health professional before starting any new physical activity.Now. Back slowly away from that donut...and get moving...

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