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Confront them or ignore them... no matter how we choose to deal with the problem we all know an office jerk.

Whether it's a crazy boss or a creepy co-worker, learning how to deal with annoying people on the job becomes Job No. 1.

Then again, if we're really being honest with ourselves we can even admit to actually resembling an office jerk on occasion.

Signs that you may be a prize specimen include anything from habitual whining, gossiping, and sucking up -- to tapping into your inner ruthless bully to get your way.

If you're on the receiving end of bad behavior at the workplace, there are ways you can cope. Not surprisingly, most behavior experts will give the same advice to adults that they give to victims of the schoolyard bully. And that is : confronting the office jerk.

Sure, it may be uncomfortable at first, but after a direct confrontation they often will think twice before ever exhibiting that type of behavior again, at least with you. (Meanwhile, keeping your sense of humor on the workfront also goes a long way in maintaining sanity in the face of petty annoyances.)

A temporary fit of bad behavior is often excusable, but when one person's actions start to disrupt your work or career it's time to nip that bad behavior in the bud.

Below, check out our Web guide to learning more about how to deal with the office martyr, the troublemaker, or the impossible boss along with related advice on how to avoid desk rage and more expert tips on holding tight to your mental health on the job...

Dealing with annoying coworkers & bad bosses around the Web:

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- Expert handling of the rude, loud, manipulative, or the absurdly competitive, along with clock-watchers, whiners, and the chronically anti-social.

Are You a Jerk at Work? - Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D., offers some good insight into how to deal with dysfunctional people at work — and how to avoid becoming one of them.

The most dangerous species of IT manager - Up-close and personal descriptions of Buzzwordia, Procurator Condescendia, and more personality types of managers located in a department near you.

Why the Biggest Jerks Get Ahead on the Job - Because they're blessedly guilt-free and unaware of how they make your skin crawl... and the personality traits that make them jerks hold the keys to their success. Overall, a good psychological profile of the colleague who everyone avoids at the office party.


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