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office politicsCan't we all just get along?

Experts agree that negotiating skills are probably the most valuable you can have in the modern workplace, where the art of the deal can smooth ruffled egos and help build teamwork.

When done the right way, office politics can ensure that a department gets it due, and the most capable people are rewarded for their value to the company. In the best possible scenario, the "lobbying" and social networking that go into office politics benefits everyone.

Sadly, that's not always the case. Similar to governmental politics, those in upper management can throw their weight around to the detriment of other groups or departments, weilding power for the benefit of a select few. The result is often infighting, one-upmanship, and a total distraction to the main goal. That is, simply getting the job done.

Others say that the best approach to surviving office politics is to simply ignore it, and refer to the time-tested advice from mom and dad, i.e., "... work hard, keep your head down, and you'll get noticed by the right people."

Who's right?

Just up ahead, check out related resources around the Web on the topic, and increase your personal value by learning the the fine art of office politics, along with how-to's on influencing powerful people and power groups within the organization...

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