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happy faceOn today's job front, companies like Google usually spring to mind when discussing corporate culture and the value of job perks.

Employees enjoy meals on the house (yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch), the dress code is jeans-and-sweatshirts, and the environment is pet-friendly.

But if you're not headed for Silicon Valley, there are more corporations who go the extra mile in their effort to attract the best employees. (Virgin Airlines, for example, not only provides the holy grail of free lunch, but loads of travel perks as well.)

If you're asking for a raise in a bad economic climate, consider asking for benefits other than negotiating a higher salary. A company parking space, for example, can mean a significant increase in your real income that doesn't cost the company anything... and doesn't increase your taxable income.

If your a parent of young children, look for family-friendly companies offering flexible schedules and free childcare and other job benefits.

While some companies provide employee discounts on their products or services, others may sincerely want to invest in your career growth by offering tuition reimbursement and free management training.

Looking to change careers? Consider looking for employment at local colleges & universities where free tuition is often a major perk which over time will result in a degree for the career you have always dreamed about.

Overall, be creative in your suggestions when negotiating company perks and you may come away with a better compensation package more valuable than a raise.

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Before you negotiate for that dream job, first discover if the company actually thinks you're worth the perks. You just might be in for a pleasant surprise ...

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