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real estateWhen it comes to real estate business the most important thing to remember is exactly what you tell the customer... It's location, location, location.

Putting your business where customers can find it is just as important as sealing the deal. With more buyers looking online to find new homes to buy and rent or property for investment, you need to know which Internet real estate listings are the best locations for your business.

Money is just as tight for realtors as it is for people who want to buy or sell a home. Tools and information that help you to make the most of your marketing budget are golden.

With the current state of the economy, buying and selling real estate is more challenging than ever, but the rewards of success in trying times are just as great as they always were. While the housing market is going through ups and downs, foreclosures are bringing good fortune to the most savvy agents.

While commerical real estate has taken a sudden dip due to the economy, rentals and vacation sharing properties are extremely healthy areas in this ailing marketplace.

Getting tips from those successfully riding the wave can come in handy. Online real estate listings, career and educational resources, and related office tools can mesh to make a winning team for your real estate business.

You've come to the right place for the most comprehensive directories to real estate and commercial real estate on the Web, featuring online tools and databases, property listings, free legal advice and more...

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The Landlord - Online community of landlords and property managers offering an information center, legal advice, e-forms, tools and calculators, discussion board.

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