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a group of small business ownersStrength in numbers? You bet.

Networking and advocacy are two important functions of small business associations.

While small business forums are a great way to connect with others, small business associations can offer more powerful, real world benefits like small business health insurance and other valuable resources that one small business cannot manage on its own.

What's more, membership also helps to develop trust with customers who often favorably view you as a respected company.

There are national associations you can join, but with a little more digging you can also probably find state, regional or local organizations that can be of even more direct benefit to your company. Other benefits of joining a business organzation may include special discounts on trade show and seminars, or other money-saving deals on products and services. Some business associations by even provide an opportunity to get specific business advice from a leading expert in your industry.

But don't stop there.

Many more associations band together within specific industries from accounting and legal services to grocery or consumer retailing. Also consider becoming a funding partner with a favorite social service or charity organization -- to boast "proud sponsor of..." on your local advertising.

Around the Web, check out major small business organizations that can provide a place to find helpful services or get financial backing, share news, trends and information, or otherwise help increase the bottom line of your small business ....

More about small business associations around the Web:

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) - This US organization claims more than 600,000 members - they offer discounts on group health insurance among other services.

National Small Business Association - Check out the latest headlines of interest to small business owners, along with information on the benefits of joining.

Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (USASBE) - This organization focuses on research and education. The resources section is the jewel on this site. The educational links are also worth a look.


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