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Young woman holding a business plan folderBusiness plans are vital if you want to have a clear idea of what your goals are and where you may run into challenges... or if you are considering trying to get financing from banks or angel investors.

Your business plan represents your small or home business to the world. Having an investor ready business plan show that you've given your strategy some serious thought and you know how to make your idea a reality.

Primarily, putting a business plan together helps you to focus on important issues facing your business — identifying your competition and deciding on who your customers or clients will be, planning finances and small business marketing strategies, and otherwise zeroing-in on your most vital goals.

These sites will give you some ideas and pointers on how to format your business plan for success now and in the future...

More about business plans around the Web:

How to Structure a Business Plan
- presents its usual fine selection of articles and information on this topic. It takes you through each section of the plan to make sure you wind up with a winning proposal.

Create Your Business Plan - - The US Small Business Administration site is a wonderful gift to the small business owner. Loaded with solid advice they take you by the hand and walk you through even the most difficult parts of the business plan. If you get stuck, you can contact them for help.

Business Plans: A Step-by-Step Guide - Check out expert advice -- from deciding on what needs to be in your plan --through getting help from outside sources. It ends with a sample business plan, courtesy of

Write A Business Plan - The UK site provides an extensive guide to the topic. Don't stop here though, the rest of the site is brimming with home-based and small business need-to-know information.

How to write a business plan - - There is a software package site, but the content is rich and not focused on marketing their own product. Excellent articles and templates on business plans - and on most other aspects of small business ownership.

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