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what makes a satisfied customer?OK, so you've got your marketing and advertising campaigns running in high gear.

Now comes the hard part.

If there's no one to provide a warm, friendly human contact with your company, what's the point?

You can never go overboard in ensuring that your customers are always satisfied. The old maxim is as true today as it was in the market place of old.

Deliver a little more than you promise and you'll beat the competion every time. Customers are any company's lifeblood. Improve customer relations and you're business will prosper and thrive.

Today, especialy with the explosion of social media, people have become much more consumer savvy and expect a higher level of trust in businesses the deal with -- and quick satisfaction from customer service reps -- as never before.

Is everybody happy?

One sure way to go out of business is to forget that your customer is the foundation of your business. A good product or service - and a strong customer service focus - will ensure that your customers keep coming back ...

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Customer Service
- Do you know how to turn your customers into your best word-of-mouth sales force, or turn that disgruntled client into your biggest fan? These articles and resources will give you some good pointers for keeping the customer satisfied...

Six Customer Service Strategies That Win - More insight into keeping your customers happy with tips on customer service management and record keeping.

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