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How do people find you and your small business?

In today's electronic marketplace you're either on the Web or you're nowhere.

Small business directories lead to listings of major sites that provide services or information to small or home-based businesses, with some sites providing feature articles and reviews to provide a total guide for the prospective small business owner.

Along with directories, also don't forget your social media presence (Facebook, Yelp, City Search, and others) which is where most online searches are trending.

For Web businesses, online directories are still important for getting your name and business known, so submitting a listing of your company at these to top portals should also be a key part of your overall online marketing strategy ....


Top 20 free local business directories for small businesses - Check out this great resource and idea generator for listing your buiness in online directories, map apps, and other online places for the widest exposure.

Canadian Business Directory - Here's the premier Canadian resource for small business searchable by keyword or name and province, with an Add Your Company feature.

Biz-Dir Business Directory - Browse the listings in this UK-centered business directory, or submit your own site to dozens of categories.

Find a Franchise - The online journal featuring a directory of U.S., Canadian, and international franchise opportunities.


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