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pens, clips, sticky notes, pinsOne of the major ongoing expenses that small businesses face is buying equipment and supplies.

From simple desks and partitions, pens, paper and other office supplies to complex electronics and software, getting your business set up can put a dent into the budget.

One solution many small business startups look into is leased equipment. While you don't get the asset depreciation on your taxes, the cost of leasing may well offset that. Leasing may also mean returning a machine that doesn't work instead of having to foot the bills for repair work.

Buying used equipment is another cost saving alternative for the budget conscious small business owner. Many businesses invest in equipment and then can't make a go of it. Their equipment and supplies may be available at auctions or going out of business sales. The money you spend helps them pay off outstanding loans while giving you a break on the price.

In the computer age, buying small business software to run your business can be another heavy expense but it's money well spent (along with a top of the line computer) for making your business hum. Also, consider the option of working in the cloud offering leased software and tons of computer space to run it on.

Get down to business with info on supplies and equipment provided here at top sites offering tips, how-to's and good advice, places to buy or lease your business supplies and equipment — as well as suppliers and vendors that help your small business work for you...

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