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stacks of coinsStarting a small business on a slim budget? It's a challenge many new owners face when looking for outside sources of funding.

So establishing a good personal and financial relationship with a local banker may be a good first step in securing a start up loan get your small business humming.

Successful financing starts with presenting a clear business plan - finding your niche, outlining your product or service, and targeting your customers. .

If a bank is unwilling to establish a loan for you and your business, there are other options.

In the US, the Small Business Administration has several specialized SBA loan programs available. Meanwhile, the government has a list of federal grants for small businesses in dozens of catgegories - including loans for minorities, women, or single moms.

In the Internet age, crowd funding sites offers another way to get your request for funds in front of millions.

If you have an idea that's hot enough to attract angel investors willing to foot the bills, you're probably way ahead of the game.

Around the Web, check out top resources for discovering tips and advice on where to find it ...

also see -> Creating an Investor-Ready Business Plan

More about small business financing around the Web:

Business Loans and Grants - If your business is in the US, check out where to go for help with a listing of government, private, and non-profit sources of loans, grants, seed money and venture capital, from

Funding for Business - Canadian small business owners have friends in the highest levels of government. This site lists the wealth of resources and includes links to many private sources and lending institutions..


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