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Know the value of networking?

It used to be that valuable time had to be spent at association meetings, clubs, or meetings with financial advisors to get a leg up on best practices.

Today, online discussions with other small business owners is as easy as powering up your laptop. Around the Web, there are on-topic discussions on everything from accounting to marketing, to helpful advice on starting a business from the ground up.

There are rules of the road when actively participating in business forums. Most include typical common sense niceties like politeness, getting to the point, and staying on topic.

Once you become an active participant there's no telling who you might meet, or the reputation you'll gain. Along with a chance to get good advice, small business forums are also a great way to help others and market yourself -- and your company -- to a wider audience.

Just remember that you shouldn't become a member merely as an excuse to sell your product or service. (It's just considered bad form, and your posts will most likely be deleted.)

Just up ahead, find out where you can participate in online forums and message boards geared to small business owners, as well as e-commerce discussions for the online entrepreneur...

Small Business Forums
- Find a fact-filled board with discussions on business law, new business ideas, Web site management, sales and marketing, capital investment, taxes and accounting.

StartUp Nation Small Business Forum - Check out informative posts on where to find the best resources, how to start up a new business, tax issues, patent development. - Discover active discusssions on start-ups, financing and taxes, as well as tips on SEO and online marketing.

UK Business Forums - Join the fray with other business owners and wanna-be's in a discussion on starting up or running a business in the UK.

WebmasterWorld - Here's the best and most comprehensive board on the planet for computer geeks and online marketers for active exchanges on the latest news, Web design, search engine developments, programming, e-commerce and more.

Anthony Blake Online Entrepreneurial Success Forum - Very popular messageboard exchanges on Internet business issues, online marketing, and more.


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