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You've built your small business from the ground up.

Maybe it was with a little help from friends or family members. Now -- if you want your business to grow -- it might be time to start thinking about hiring on more employees.

If confusion abounds, you're not alone. Hiring some else to perform duties you've always done yourself often results in questions, and lots of 'em.

For example:

Where do I find people you can trust to do the job? - The best way to hire is the same method you use when job-seeking -- and the keys is networking. Ask for referrals from your friends, your accountant, or business partners. Reach out to a small business organization for recommendations. The best part of referrals is that they already come pre-screened making networking the easiest and cheapest way to fill your most important start-up positions. Once you've hired them, ask them for referrels for a snowball effect of great hires down the line.

How much do I pay them? - What's an employee worth to you and your business? A well-paid expert IT manager may be worth their weight in gold. Depending on what type of product or service you're offering, you may need a highly-skilled (and highly-paid) admin to greet clients at the door. In short, it all depends. If in doubt, click over to for thousands of salaried positions by location and position, and get a general idea of what employees will expect.

What about all the paperwork? - Welcome to the world of health and socal security benefits, income tax withholding, and other recordkeeping required when you hire. Luckily, in the US there's the Small Business Administration to the rescue with helpful advice on the subject including Hiring Your First Employee.

Defining who are contractors, and who are full-time employees is another matter for consideration before you even make your first hire.

Purchasing disability insurance, or company liability for charges of discrimination are more topics in which you'll soon develop expertise - like or not!

Dealing with a bad hire? Even expert HR professionals have had there share, but there are tips and advice for that, too.

These additional resources can further help sort it all out...

More about hiring employees around the Web:

Making the Decision to Hire - Balancing Financial Considerations with Business Needs
- Here's a great primer with basic step-by-step guides to why and when you should hire full-time employees, part-time employees (or your own children), with an overview of hiring temp help, related examples, a checklist to consider when using a hiring agency, and lots of related resources.

Business Owner's Idea Cafe - Human Resources - This site covers much more than employee issues and does it in a relaxed setting. The HR section covers the issues you need to know about, and offers a forum to discuss specifics with other business owners. Time well spent.

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