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a shot in the arm for small business owners?Until socialized medicine hits US shores (and some experts say it's all but inevitable) providing health insurance for employees will remain a giant bone of contention for many American business owners.

While offering health insurance is a great way to attract top employees, skyrocketing costs can put a medical plan out of the reach of many small businesses.

There is hope on the horizon -- as recent health insurance reforms have made it a bit easier with tax breaks of up to 35% for certain small business owners who provide group coverage for their employees.

Also be on the lookout, beginning in 2015, for small businesses with up to 100 employees to be able to purchase group coverage through state-based Small Business Health Option Program (SHOP) exchanges. These exchanges are designed to allow small employers to 'pool' into larger groups and so qualify for less expensive insurance rates.

How to keep up with the various ways you can obtain group health insurance? Just up ahead, check out where you can find updates and information on the types of plans available for insuring your health - and that of your employees - without it costing an arm and a leg...

also see Feature Articles -> Health Insurance for the Self Employed

More about health insurance for small businesses around the Web:

Health Insurance Finder
- Find out the differences between an HMO and a PPO, individual and group insurance, plus helpful checklists and worksheets to give you a basic idea of what types of insurance best fit the bill for small business owners.

Health Insurance for Small Business - Enter your zip code, the number of employees, their birth dates - and have your company's SIC number handy - to instantly get quotes from more than 40 major health plans from this nifty online calculator.


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