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young businesswoman happy to be incorporated
also see in Small Business: A quick
guide to small (S) corporations

You started out small, and now your company is growing fast. You have enough business smarts to know the protections and advantages that incorporating will provide your business (and you!)

As a separate entity, your corporation can protect you from lawsuits and asset seizures arising from the operation of the corporation (as long as you are not personally negligent or irresponsible). Many people see this protection as the main reason for forming a corporation vs. operating as a sole proprietor without any protection.

Although incorporating your business is a big step, there's never been an easier time for a mom-and-pop shop to become a full-fledged corporation.

Online, full-service companies can provide prospective corporate owners with all they need to know about where, how, and why to file incorporation papers, along with in-depth information on the pros and cons of incorporating (and at surprisingly low non-lawyer prices.)

Below, take a look at the best of incorporation -- at sites offering both services and knowledge, expert tips and advice, and general information on the best way to take your business to the next level ...

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More about incorporating your business around the Web:

How to Form a Corporation
- Check out an extensive guide from on business structures and company types, choosing a corporate name, a board of directors, filing articles of incorporation and more.

Pros and Cons of Forming a Corporation - Here's a good, general overview of the pros and cons including pitfalls and what to watch out for, with related articles on where, when and how to incorporate.

Tax Information for Corporations - The official word from the IRS with guides publications, regulations, forms and information on e-filing for small, mid-size and larger corporations.

Starting A Business - A step by step guide to California startups, with information on how to incorporate within the state featuring in-depth facts and info on sole proprietorships, corporations, llc's, and partnership types.

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