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In many ways, a small business bound by the same rules as any other as they pertain to accounting and taxes, employee protection, environmental law, or regulations enacted in local jurisdictions.

Specific regulations of interest to small business owners usually includes the initial business start-up, As the company grows that also includes tax advantages and rules governing incorporation or hiring employees -- and with all the laws that govern health and safety, disability, tax withholding, discrimination, and related concerns.

In addition, for those opening a franchise with a national chain, it's usually advised that you seek legal counsel first (if only to read over the contract before you sign on the bottom line.) For online businesses in particular, applicable legal concerns may include online privacy, intellectual property law, collecting local sales taxes, and tax laws governing international online sales.

Unfortunately, the old maxim that "ignorance of the law is no excuse" also pertains to small business owners. Therefore, it's always wise to know exactly which ones apply to your business in order to avoid a tax audit or other governmental or legal penalties.

Around the Web, find complete legal information related to running a small business, along with important insider tips and advice, sample forms, and contracts.

More about small business law around the Web:

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- offers a complete guide for small business owners including advice on setting up the legal structure of your small business, employment law and how it applies to independent contractors, accounting and bookkeeping, and lots more, with financial calculators and an online legal dictionary.

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