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Many small business owners might start out with an employee of one or two ("mom and pop") or eventually bring in friends or other family members.

As the company grows, hiring an accountant or bookkeeper seems like a fine idea. Depending on the type of business, a sales team, a marketing pro, or administrative assistants might be added to the mix.

From the early days of burning the midnight oil, your ultiimate role becomes that of coach, team captain, and cheerleader.

No matter what your management style, running a small business takes patience, transparency, old fashioned leadership and -- big surprise? -- a continued willingness to put in the hours even after everyone else goes home.

The responsibilities are great, but with success come rewards.

Want to learn how to manage more effectively? Around the Web, take a tip from the pros with expert advice on everything from time, stress and staff management, to avoiding common mistakes, to choosing the right technology to help keep your small business humming...

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