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a group of minority business ownersDo it for yourself. Do it for your kids.

Starting your own minority business has rewards beyond the financial, with pride in ownership and self-sufficiency that has made America a beacon of opportunity for people around the world.

Millions have done it. No reason you can't ...

As the number of minority business grows, so do the money grants and government funding to help African-Americans, Hispanics, Native and Asian Americans make their dreams of business ownership a reality.

According to the latest statistics, minorities own 15.1% of all U.S. businesses, or more than 3 million firms, and 99% of these firms are small businesses accounting for $591 billion in revenues.

For minority entrepreneurs new to starting up a business, programs exist at the local, state and federal level — including non-profit economic development organizations that may help you through the loan process, provide legal help, or even provide mentors who have already built a successful minority business in your area.

Around the Web, find a wealth of information focusing on how to create a business plan, learn how to market and advertise, join a related organization or association, and other helpful tips and advice especially focused on empowering a minority business ...

More about minority small business help around the Web:

Minority Business Development
- Find tools and resources with free registration, or just browse around for lots of online info about starting up, financing, and managing a small minority business, plus featured topics, success stories and archived studies.

Minority Owned Businesses - This is the U.S. Small Business Administration's guide to minority start-ups offering comprehensive info on the basics, finance, grants and loans, training programs and more specifically geared to minority business entrepreneurs.

6 Capital Funding Sources for Minority Businesses - Check out good insider tips from on creative financing, including grants and government funding, help from local chambers of commerce and national associations, and lots of related resources.

How to Apply for Women and Minority Owned Business Grants - Here's a step-by-step guide to the application process. - The online version of the print magazine offers a ton of practical information on business plans, starting up, funding, management, with more on franchising, federal assistance, and links to related organizations and associations.

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