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working from homeMany beginning entrepreneurs take advantage of the freedom and tax advantages of starting an online business, or otherwise decide to quit the 9-5 grind by using their own business experience or hobby expertise to start their own home based business.

For the rest of us, there are other work-at-home opportunities available from companies that allow at-home moms or dads to make extra money.

While working from home has major conveniences (like working in your pajamas) it also brings a special set of challenges. For example, if you don't "go to" work, organizing workable office space may be more difficult. Balancing time between home and work can also become a major juggling act.

As necessity has always been the mother of invention, a little ingenuity is all it takes to manage work and personal life in a smaller space.

Work from home offers - what to avoid

work at home ad
If it sounds too good to be true...

While work at home scams (like "earn thousands of dollars stuffing envelopes!") are now pretty well known, you can avoid getting burned by simply watching for the usual come-ons:

• ad copy with CAPITAL LETTERS!!! and exclamation points
• claims of "no experience needed!"
• it only takes "hours a day" to make a bundle
• withholding of information on what the actually job entails
• asking for sign-up fees before you even get started
• there is a 900 number for more information

Finding legitimate work-at-home positions

Despite the reputation of work-at-home schemes, legitimate US firms such as Convergys are always looking for experienced "virtual employees" to work from home and represent some of the biggest names in industry. Web sites like Rat Race and others are also gaining respect for matching prospective employees with legitimate work-at-home jobs.

Yes, there are honest sources of revenue to made without having to go to the office everyday, but you'll find most of them will require a solid work ethic and real world business experience. Positions on offer usually include :

• proofreading
online tutoring or teaching,
• telemarketing
• customer service call center
• admin or data entry positions
• legal or medical transcription

Again, many legitimate work-from-home jobs are a serious commitment that may require tremendous self-discipline to successfully pull off. So if you can manage to strike a healthy balance -- between your work and your life -- you may be on the way to happily working from home.

The best advice for choosing a company offering work from home? If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. And, always make sure that great opportunity you've found fits in with your life and your schedule before you making the leap.

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