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communications satelliteFrom Alexander Graham Bell's new-fangled telephone - to the rise of GPS and and other 'space age' technologies - the telecommunications industry has exploded in the 21st century with increased demand for instant connections.

Today, telecommunications is a major economic driver that consumers and businesses cannot imagine the world living without.

For consumers, it allows immediate access to everything from long distance calling and instant messaging to consumer navigational aids. Meanwhile, video conferencing and telecommuting are only two of the major cost savers that draw business to an array of services provided by the industry. More controversially, telecom has signaled a shift away from local employment to call centers in emerging countries halfway around the world.

The old saying that to get ahead in business, "It's not what you know, but who you know," has a new addition today : "How well are you connected?" Although telecommunications has seemingly jumped to light speed over the last few decades, it has yet to live up to its mind-boggling potential, so staying connected to fast-paced developments is key to keeping one step ahead of the competition.

Around the Web, discover more information on related companies, equipment, service providers, trade associations and more, along with job listings, career development resources, consumer information and, just for fun, a bit of telecommunications industry history and trivia...

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