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deadlineTick, tick, tick ...

Whether it's the home office or corner office, anyone who has work to be done eventually faces the issue of fitting everything into a normal work day while dealing with everyday interruptions that make a schedule so impossible.

Time stealers may be as routine as phone interruptions or as distracting as your two year old waking from a nap, but it all adds up to the same stress of having too much to finish as the day ends.

Your neatly prioritized list of things to do seems to get longer with deadlines looming, which often doesn't add up to a pleasant work environment nor a productive one. Take heart, if this describes your day. There are techniques that really to work to keep you on track with minimal stress.

If life at the office has you juggling, multi-tasking, and under pressure from upper managers or colleagues, take a tip from these online experts with help & how to's on developing a conscious plan to get what needs to be done - your way - with the skill and ability to just say NO. At least every now and again ...

As the millionaire said on making his first fortune, "First, you have to know what you want."

More about time mangement around the Web:

Basics of Time & Stress Management - Here's a good first read for new managers and supervisors that pinpoints the biggest time wasters and how to avoid them, techniques for handling stress, and links to related topics, suggested reading.

Time Management Self-Assessment Quiz - Check out this short quiz to let you get a good look at your time management skills - or lack thereof...

Time Management Skills - Maximize your effectiveness - Career management product company offering online guides and tips on goal setting, scheduling and prioritizing also available in downloadable PDF format.

Time Management - Wikipedia entry with a good overview of best practices, including creating to-do lists, setting priorities and goal management, with related resources, suggested reading.


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