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Car owners manual
Diagram from a typical car
owner's manual. (You have
your car owner's manual in
your glove compartment,
don't you?)

Avoiding service station charges? It's money in your pocket.

That feeling of satisfaction on a job well done? Priceless.

Both are pretty good reasons for getting up to speed on buying auto parts to make simple car maintenance checks and repairs. Later, you can tackle that new sophisticated computer system, or learn how to rebuild your entire car engine. But for now, knowing the basics of car maintenance or simple do-it-yourself repairs is an easy step to greater confidence both under the hood and behind the wheel.

Safety First

Be prepared for a little homework before you embark on any repair. First, read your car owner's manual for valuable information on what makes your car tick. Ask other car owners, or seek out other intrepid do-it-yourselfers in online car forums who have been there before.

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Most importantly, think SAFETY. The object of this game is to drive away with a sense of accomplishment and all digits intact. No sense paying extra for a botched repair job or being driven to the hospital for a konk on the head, or worse.

Along with the usual pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers, be sure to invest in other tools such as a quality ratchet set, vise grips, a top of the line car jack and jack stands, or any other equipment for the long haul. Besides being a great investment in the life of your car, a good set of tools will make tackling any current or future project that much easier.

Car Repair and Maintenance 101

Just up ahead, check out a handful of projects for beginners with step-by-step instructions and important related safety tips - for undertaking your first maintenance project or do it yourself repair:

  How to Change an Air Filter How to Replace a Headlight
  How to Change a Car Battery How to Change Your Oil
  How to Jump-Start a Car How to Fix a Flat Tire

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A career as an auto mechanic

More Do-It-Yourself Car Repair & Maintenance Tips around the Web:

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