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filling up a hybrid electric carWhile the US government and invests research money into hydrogen powered cars, the news in green transportation is electric power.

But why all the fuss about running on electric?

Electric Cars: The Early Days...

The EV, or electric vehicle, is really old news. The Scottish inventor Robert Davidson built one in 1837 and by the 1890s electric cars were being made and sold in Europe and the United States.

So what happened to this environmentally friendly version of the horseless carriage?

The earliest electric cars were clean and quiet, but the cars ran out of energy in the most inconvenient places and they cost a small fortune to buy. When Henry Ford's assembly line brought the costs down and reliability up, gas run automobiles ran the electric car off the road. And the rest, as they say, is history. By the Roaring Twenties, transportation on streets and roads was powered by gas

It was only decades later that the world realized that oil was a limited resource and a high pollution way to get around.

Today, government officials and researchers have begun looking at ways to revive and improve the old technology so that cars powered by electricity could compete in the open market with their gas-fueled cousins.

...And the Electric Car Now

There are some who question whether the search for electric cars as an alternative to the gas powered automobile was ever serious. Oil companies have a vested interest in keeping consumers addicted to gasoline.

Car makers have no incentive to push a cleaner car that can stay on the road for decades with minor maintenance. Selling a new car to consumers every few years when the gas guzzler is worn out keeps the car industry in business. Getting customers back to change oil and repair worn parts in the combustion engine make many dollars for car manufacturers and dealerships.

Now, despite the lack of government and big business in the past, EVs are starting to get noticed. Small companies are popping up with EVs that can get up to speed quickly enough to outpace a Ferrari or a Porche on a 1/4 mile track. Batteries are also being improved to provide a longer range between charges.

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