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car headlight


Replacing headlights is a good skill to have, especially if you find yourself on a dimly lit road one dark night.

Besides the the warning honks from passing motorists to put your lights on, worse still may be the glare of police lights in your rear view mirror — as a state trooper pulls you over for a moving violation!

Not to worry. Most cars come loaded with replaceable halogen headlights that are easy to change, provided you have a spare one.

Check your driver's manual, or just ask your friendly neighborhood auto parts dealer to buy the one that fits your make and model.

Just up ahead, find step-by-step instructions for replacing a headlight bulb yourself. which is usually only a matter of locating the back of the headlight, unplugging the old bulb, and replacing it with a working new one:

How to replace a headlight

  • Open the hood, prop it up safely, and locate the back of the headlight.

  • Inspect the bulb holder for 3 separate wires leading out of the plug.

  • Depending on the make and model, the plug will be secured by some type of fastener: a metal clip, a plastic catch or screw cap. Undo these to loosen the plug from its "socket" at the back of the bulb.

  • With the wires out of the way and bulb freed up, simply pull it out.

  • Now you're ready to replace it with the new bulb. Hold it by the back end (the plug end) to stick into the headlight, and make sure it's all the way in. Reattach the plug, resecure it with the fastener, and you're ready to go.

- What you'll need: new replacement headlight bulb
- Cost: around $10 - $20
- Time: 5-10 minutes

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For informational purposes only. For complete expert advice,
see your car dealership or professional auto mechanic.

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