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fueling a hydrogen carYou may have heard about the production of electric or hybrid cars to answer the call for the modern battle against higher gas prices...

...But hydrogen?

Although fairly new as an alternative fuel alongside electric and hybrid, hydrogen is already being used in commercial vehicles and public transporation systems to help reduce running costs.

What's more, major carmakers like GM, Daimler AG, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota have plans to produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for sale by 2015.

So what's the story on this technology? Does it work and is it safe?

Hydrogen Fuel Injection - It's Chemistry...

We all know that water is H2O, right? That means every molecule of water is made up of one hydrogen atom with two oxygen atoms stuck to it. Every hydrogen (H) atom has a negative charge (-1) and every oxygen (O) atom has a positive charge (+2).

Like magnets, these opposite charges draw the atoms together. It takes two negative hydrogen atoms to balance the more positive oxygen atom... so these two elements like to get together in the form of water... H2O or if you break the attraction HHO. That's the bottom line in this system. Break the bonds and release the hydrogen atoms for your car to use for fuel.

water molecule diagramWater (H2O) To Hydrogen (HHO) means fuel for your engine

What the water for fuel systems do is break down the water by electrolysis. That releases hydrogen which is then fed into the engine of your car. It mixes with the gas and reduces the time it takes for the gas to reach the temperature it needs to be at to spark your engine into moving. That means improved efficiency and means less gas used. The process is simple and it does work. It won't triple your mpg but it will reduce the amount of gas you need to run your car. Expert estimates average around 10% improvement... which is not a small thing if gas prices keep climbing. So why doesn't every car have one of these?

Hydrogen Powered cars are on the road already

In a press release from the US Department of Transportation, Administrator Paul Brubaker of the U.S. DOT's Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) stated, “The technology necessary to put these cars on the road, and keep them moving, exists today,” said . “The question is not if hydrogen powered vehicles will be available commercially, but when.”

Brubaker pointed out that in the USA, six transit agencies already operate hydrogen-powered buses. In Southern California, where hydrogen "gas" stations are available, auto dealers are leasing hydrogen vehicles. Hundreds of hydrogen-powered vehicles are being driven in demonstration programs in countries around the world. He also included the information that hydrogen is viable as a fuel for both a fuel cell vehicle or in a modified internal combustion engine.

As gas keeps getting scarcer and the price keeps getting higher, hydrogen injected fuel systems and cars that run on other alternative fuels are going to be a lot more common.

More about hydrogen fueled cars around the Web:

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