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Where do you go to learn more about computers, gadgets and gizmos that power your world? You're staring at it.

The Web is a gold mine of information on everything from computer basics to the ethereal cloud computing of tomorrow -- promising a true virtual experience that will make today's computer hardware and computer software look like the horse and buggy of days gone by.

Even as we speak, "I live on my phone" is not merely a passing remark by the wireless generation on the go. Smartphones have emerged as the overwhelming device of choice for teens who connect with friends on the virtual corner fast food joint - otherwise known as social media - as home laptops are relegated to homework assignments and movie watching.

With changes on the technology front happening every day, what's next? No worries, say the experts. The time for bowing before your robot overlords has not arrived (not just yet, anyway) as we continue to deal with technology's many and varied mess-ups.

Face it, does anybody know
what they're talking about?

The Beginner Guide
to Techno Jargon


Backup software is still necessary for occasional computer crashes, for instance, and viruses may be as big a threat today as they were when the Web was in its infancy.

Ignoring what government and corporations may say computer security remains a huge issue with phishing and identity theft still rampant.

Looking ahead to the future, telecommuting has yet to take off in a big way, and self-driving cars will probably be outlawed before they ever hit the entrance ramp.

As the big shake-out continues - over what's possible vs what people want - check out the latest on digital cameras and multimedia, Mac help, computer jargon, and computer gaming systems at top online resources offering expert reports from the technology front around the Web:

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