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pc computers desktop & laptopWhat did people ever do before there were computers?

Whether powering large corporations, helping to run small businesses, or as a now near-universal home appliance — it's pretty safe to say that computers are here to stay.

Today, prices for a decent computer range from bargain $300-$400 for a basic laptop, to thousands of dollars for a fully loaded industrial-strength PC or Mac.

Therefore, buying the computer that's right for you means decision-making time. Laptop or desktop? How much RAM? And what processor will you need to power the video games, graphics programs, or other high-powered software you intend on using?

Before you buy a PC or laptop, the most important factor to consider is how and where you are going to use it. Obviously, if you're planning on detailed video or photo editing, or intend to load with memory sucking video games, then a higher-powered desktop PC (that you can upgrade in future) is likely your best best.

If you already own a desktop. then a laptop might what you're looking for to take on board vacation excursions or business trips. If you're already a laptop owner, something smaller and more lightweight such as a compact notebook may be just the thing.

Buying guides, reviews, tech support and community forums are only a click away at these top sites offering expert advice on home computing.

Compare prices, read user reviews, and get more facts and information, tips and advice on buying PC's and peripherals, cheap laptops & notebooks plus bargains and discounts on the most popular brands...>

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