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Backup softwareIT experts have a saying, "back it up or lose it!"

Even the best computers don't last forever and one day your system will likely crash. That's when data recovery will be uppermost in your mind.

If you have been backing up your files and pictures, you can easily transfer everything onto another computer. If you haven't, years worth of your pictures and work related data can be lost.

What is backup software?

Backup software programs make a duplicate copy of the files on your computer and let you store those files on a disk, flash drive, external hard drive or other portable device. Your work files, digital photos, music, movies, email, address lists and anything else that is important to you or your business can be saved in case of a computer crash or other catastrophe.

Is it really that important to backup your files?

Consider this scenario

  • Vacation trip - $4000

  • Digital camera - $400

  • Family dinner at the best restaurant in the area - $600

  • Vacation pictures - priceless

  • Paying to recover those priceless pictures after a computer crash? $1500 or more for a professional service to retrieve your memories — if they can even be recovered!

If you work on your computer, a crash or local flooding or other catastrophe can cost more than you can afford. Without a backup, all of your business files, contacts, billing, history, and records are gone.

You may be able to pull some of the data you lost from your online web site host server, you may have some of the records in an online email account... but chances are that many of your most important files and documents will be gone forever.

Don't put yourself in a situation where you have to pay the price for not having a backup of the files you really can't afford to lose.

Check out some of the best software, utilities, tools, services and reviews for backing up your data and saving your memories... or your business.

More about data backup around the Web:

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