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Working at home telecommutingIn the near future, the number of full-time teleworkers in the US is predicted to top 3 million, say the experts. 10 times that number currently work at home at least one day a week.

As the trend for telecommuting continues, logging-on to work from home may may someday become a reality for a majority of workers.

With the rising tide of travel, office space, maintenance and security expenses, a growing number of large corporations are giving teleconferencing and telecommuting a second look.

In fact, companies who allow workers to telecommute report additional advantages — in the ability to hire the handicapped; in allowing workers more flexibility to spend more time with family; and less down time for everyone in the event of bad weather, natural disasters (or, more often, just bad traffic days) which prevent employees from reporting to work on time, if at all.

Beyond the obvious bottom line, companies which allow their workers to telecommute are also contributing to the go green movement by helping to conserve fossil fuels and curtail emissons.

On the Web, find out more about the popular trend toward a more flexible work force, with related guides, reviews and case studies, along with practical tips & advice on getting your boss to let you phone it into the office...

More about telecommuting around the Web: - U.S. government guide to telecommuting with best practice guides for managers, coordinators and employees, with related resources, reports & studies.

InnoVisions Canada - Comprehensive source of information about telework and telecommuting with facts, stats and case studies on cost benefits, tax issues, legal/risk management, and lots more.

Oregon Office of Energy Telework Web Site - How it works, how it benefits employees and employers, ways to start or improve a telework program, with info on U.S. state loans and tax credits for telework equipment, plus relate resources.

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