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Conference call operatorAlong with the growing popularity of telecommuting, it's teleconferencing and video conferencing that are increasingly taking the place of face-to-face meetings in many business, social and academic settings.

While debate over the pros (with tremendous savings in business travel costs) and cons (lack of personal contact and, if the lines go down, you're stuck) continue — here are some sites to help explain the what, why, and how-to's of audio conference calling, video, and Web conferencing ...


also see in Office Life -> How to run a meeting

More information about teleconferencing around the Web:


How Teleconferencing Works - Newbie overview with a clear explanation of the three-way call, conference bridge, Webcams, the roll of call operators, an example of a typical online meeting plus related illustrations and photo gallery, from

MIVNET Public Room Videoconferencing - Worldwide association representing independently owned and operated videoconference facilities with a directory searchable by country, U.S. state or city.


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