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laptop hardware diagramComputer software makes the world go 'round, but it's the basic hardware that holds it all together.

That includes everything from motherboards and graphic cards to hard drives and chassis.

Today, most laptops and tablets are powerful enough for high-resolution movie playback and video editing, but it is the big traditional desktop that can carry most of the load when it comes to processing higher-end database, engineering and mathematical computing.

The basic desktop also remains a top performer for higher end 3D gaming and scientific visualization.

The significance of computer hardware is usually lost on casual users — except when the inevitable hard disk crash results in a scramble for answers regarding how to recover lost data. Otherwise, hardware becomes an important factor to consider to answer questions about what exactly you want a computer to do and (probably more to the point) .... how fast?

Just up ahead, find out more about how it all works, and keep up with the latest advances in computer hardware and peripherals at top resources featuring reviews, FAQs, buying guides, as well as computer troubleshooting tutorials for those who can't resist tinkering underneath the hood ...

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