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internet connectionInternet service providers (ISP's) are your connection to the Web.

Today, getting reliable Internet access is important to having a good family or working relationship...pretty nearly with the rest of the planet.

Compared to other options, fiber optic service provides the fastest service, followed by high speed cable companies, which today often bundle other services such as TV & digital home phone service into one convenient cost-saving package.

As ISP advertising budgets have grown, more consumers have become aware of the top names of companies providing Internet service, i.e., Earthlink, Road Runner, and Comcast in the US; BT, Virgin, and Sky Broadband in the UK; along with thousands of other top names providing land-line, cable, DSL and satellite Internet service to customers around the world.

How to choose the best ISP for you

Perhaps most importantly when comparing ISPs is the application of the 'SCD' rule - Speed, Cost and Dependability.

While claims may be true that your ISP provides the fastest service in your area, it is of little importance if there is frequent downtime, or they fail to provide dependable 24/7 service (at night, on weekends, or when you need it most.)

If you are a casual or infrequent user who only logs on to the Internet to check email, for example, lower cost DSL service or even a dial-up connection may trump speed as a deciding factor when choosing an ISP.

Whether you are new to a particular neighborhood, or are looking to replace your current service, it's also helpful to ask friends or neighbors about their experiences with a locally available Internet service provider.

Around the Web, also check out top directories and consumer guides featuring ISP reviews and comparisons on price, connection speeds, and customer service ....

More information about ISPs around the Web:

How Do I Choose an Internet Service Provider? - You'l be glad you asked as you heck out this helpful consumer guide to what to look for when choosing an ISP from Life

ISPreview - Good, general list of UK providers with visitor star-rated reviews of land-line and broadband Internet service.


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