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Internet users with special needs require sites that make sense with alternate means of access.

accessibility sign on a computer keyboardText browser, Smartphones, PDA and handheld users need to be able to surf without graphics. For others it may focus on browser compatibility or language accessibility. All of these topics have one thing in common - opening the Internet to everyone... accessibility.


Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - Here are the W3C guidelines widely accepted as the interational standard offering support materials and related resources for implementing Web accessibility.

Web Accessibility - American Foundation for the Blind - Read up on guides to visually impaired user's technology and how it effects Web design, how to design interative forms for the visually impaired, tips and tricks for web developers, and related resources.

Viewable With Any Browser - Home of the campaign to increase designer's awareness of browser compatibility issues. Plenty of information and good tools for checking your sites.

Web Aim - Increasing access for the disabled is the focus of this site. Resources, articles and more add up to a site that will take you a while to fully explore.


also see -> Resources for the Disabled | Legal Diability Resources


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