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web audio iconInternet sound technology and online music distribution have come a long way since its infancy in the late 80s.

Like silent movies of old, the Internet was an amazing new way to to be educated or entertained not only talked, but danced, sang, and played music! Well, haltingly at first as slow connections resulted in the familiar "drop-out" that occurred much more frequently back in the day.

Today, more advanced methods of file compression results in far easier streaming of large sound files over the Web in more than a dozen formats including RealAudio, streaming MP3, Flash and Shockwave, Microsoft's Windows Media, and Apple's QuickTime. Also included are a handful of downloadable formats including MP3, MIDI, WAV, and AU.

The most recent tool in the audio armament is the web audio api which borrows the hi-tech capabilities of video games and desktop audio production.

Around the Web, get facts, information and learn more about how and where to download your favorite music files, WAV's, midi's, MP3 files, and web audio api's, plus more on creating podcasts and Webmaster tutorials on embedding audio files for fun and profit ....


More about web audio around the Web:

also see -> How to imbed audio files into your Web page - Pop and indie MP3 audio files available as lo-fi/hi-fi streams or as downloads along with audio software, hardware, related updates and feature stories. - Find downloadable music, famous movie lines and sound bites, plus a variety of other sounds in WAV format just for the asking.

Web / Multimedia / Audio - - Browse dozens of resources for learning more about Web audio including tutorials on embedding audio files, using MP3's and streaming media, and a list of top related plug-ins and utilities.

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