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Think of your browser as an interpreter of html, or rather a window onto the World Wide Web that transforms the computer code behind most web pages into information you can use.

As a basic tool for surfing the web, you can easily make your chosen browser jump through hoops to customize it to your needs — including deleting your Web history — or uninstalling your browser altogether in favor of that new (and more often, faster) browser that everyone's talking about.

Around the Web, find out more about how to install, use, protect, and manipulate top web browsers to make surfing the Web easier, quicker, and more accessible ...


Browser News - Breaking news and reviews, updates and facts on the Web browser trail with resources, and related statistics.

Internet Explorer downloads - The official site with downloads and support, along with pages of info on system requirements, browser features, related news and and the ever-present security alerts and patches.

Google Chrome - Check it out here at official site with loads of info on the latest releases, downloads, FAQ, tips and tricks, tutorials.

Firefox - Featuring a free download, developer tools, facts and info.

Opera Browser Help - Free or fee-based versions of the relatively new kid on the browser block with downloads, FAQ, tutorials, features and functions, OperaMail support.

Apple Safari - The complete guide.

Mozilla - Home to the original browser with release notes along with the Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Camino browsers.


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