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Chat rooms, where people meet to virtually talk, can be fun and rewarding (but caution: what mom said about talking to strangers still applies... no matter how old you are!)

Online chat rooms have led to friendships, online dating, and even marriage, but not everyone who chats may be worthy of your trust.

Chat for beginners

If you find an online chat that you think you want to join, it usually requires that you log-in or sign-up with a username. Just for informational purposes, you will also probably be asked to complete a short profile with some personal details about yourself that others may find interesting. Never volunteer information you may be uncomfortable giving a stranger at a party. Just keep it light an social.

After signing in, you will be able to read the chat in progress to see what the discussion is about. If it sounds interesting, introduce yourself by commenting on the discussion or asking a question. Often you will receive cordial replies welcoming you to the chat as you settle in to become a full-fledged member. Remember, keep it safe by not giving out personal information like phone numbers or addresses to anyone you don't know...EVER.

Before you log on, get some other good advice about where you can find the best chats online and what to watch for to make your online experience fun...

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