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domain name

Got dot?

Registering a doman name is usually the first step in creating a web site to call your own.

It certainly sounds easy to do. Simply surf over to an accredited doman registry site and search to see if the doman you want is available. If it is, pay the fee, and it's yours.

However, those unfamiliar with domain name registeries are surprised to find that their favorite name have already been taken. So, be sure to have a list of possible names ready when you visit the site. (With millions of domain names already registered, the more unusual the name, the more likely it will be available.)

Once you find the name you want - and it is available -, be prepared for information that you will be asked by the registry site. Besides contact details and a credit card number to purchase the domain name, you will also be asked for your primary and secondary nameservers. In plain English, this information is the key to 'syncing up' your domain name to your website.

Just know that you can retrieve this information through the control panel of your already-established website, or simply contact your webhost's helpdesk for the information.

(Also note that after you've entered the information with your registrar you may need to wait up to 72 hours for the change to take effect.)

If you don't have have an established website yet, the registry site will normally'park your domain name for free until you are ready to map it to your server.

Just up ahead, discover more about the art and science of choosing and registering the best domain name for your personal or business site, along with tips on paying for your Net presence (and - now that you've got it - what to do with it.)

0DNS - Buyers Guide - Extensive, searchable directory to domain resources, information on domain registration, comparison shopping, brokers, appraisals and sales, plus related news, guides, chat rooms and discussion forums.

Domain Guru - News, resources, articles, FAQ's and how-to's on domain names, management, buying and selling domain names, plus a search for available domains, or register onsite.

Norid: Domain name registries around the world - A guide to the alphabet soup of .com, .net, .org and more, with country code extensions for domains worldwide and where to apply.

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