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emailFirst developed by MIT in the 1960's as a way for users to communicate via remote dial-up terminals, email predates the Internet by about two decades.

Today, email is one of the most popular ways to communicate online, and remains one of the major reasons most computer users connect to the Internet worldwide.

Considered an easy way to stay in touch with friends and relatives across the miles, modern businesses use email as an efficient way to lower both mail and travel costs. The downside? As billions of computer users around the planet use email as their primary method of communication, a common complaint is simple email overload.

Then there are the Internet marketers cramming inboxes everyday with spam or unsolicited junk mail. Worse still, criminals may use phishing schemes that may lead users to a phony websites where personal information is gathered to scam the unsuspected.

In terms of overall security, mail that is electronically sent on the Internet can be compared to traditional postcards at the post office, and can be potentially read or intercepted by unethical ISP or a renegade IT employee with access to messages crossing their systems.

Just up ahead, discover more information about email accounts, listservs, address finders, along with resources for fighting spam, getting wise to email hoaxes and more...

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