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Online forums are the town square of the wired age - with lively discussions going on at all hours, and on topics ranging from philosophy and politics to pets and people.

Check out all the buzz with information on how to use them, how to create a forum on your own domain, plus related tips on forum netiquette, and pointers to the most all-inclusive sites offering guides to finding the most popular forums and message boards around the Web:

Alcoholism recovery forums Grandparent & senior forums Sewing forums
Car buying forums Home improvement forums Small business forums
Craft forums Police forums Teen forums & chats
Gardening forums Pregnancy forums & chat rooms Wine lovers forums

More about popular online forums around the Web:

Google Groups - The complete A-Z list of Usenet discussion forums on every conceivable topic.

Yahoo Groups - Thousands of groups to join, or start a group of your own.

Delphi Forums - A top site for any forum community and on every topic imaginable.

CNET Community Forums Directory - Hundreds of discussions, ranging from computer troubleshooting to technical product help and how-tos.

Creating a Message Board (Forum) - Good overview for webmasters with a guide to creating and hosting an online forum on your own domain, with a discussion on top software as well as tips on using remote servers, with related video and resources for more information.

How to Create a Forum -wikiHow - Step by step instructions with suggested software and related resources.

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